Sharing the Stories and Cultural Impact of Women's Immigration and Resettlement Experiences

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it required that subjects be identified with their actual name?

No. The subject of a story can use a pseudonym if they wish.


Is it required that the story writer is identified by a real name to submit a story?

No. You can submit a story and ask for anonymity on the blog. The editors will safeguard your privacy and confidentiality. It will be up to you if you wish to identify yourself as a writer publicly, or in your family and networking circles.


Why must I sign a release form?

Because we are retelling personal stories of real people, we need you to warrant that you have the right to publish the stories that you submit on a publicly available web site. We also need you to represent that you have obtained the permission of anyone that is specifically identified or referenced in your story (for example – Jane Doe, teacher at Emerson High School, Gary, IN).

If your story contains an image or a specific bit of personally identifiable information, then we need you to state that you have the permission of that person to include them in your story.


Can I submit more than one story?

Yes. You can submit as many stories as you would like. Please note, however, that submitting a story does not guarantee that it will be published on the FEMigration blog.


Who holds the rights to the stories that I submit or write?

You do. We do not hold the rights to anything other than the original works that we publish. We ask that you let us know if the story has been published elsewhere so we can reference that if/when we post your story.

Please check back occasionally for updated FAQs.  We will be posting the most frequent questions that we are asked about the blog and its submission policies on this page.

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