Sharing the Stories and Cultural Impact of Women's Immigration and Resettlement Experiences

About Femigration

We were curious …

Our curiosity about the immigration stories of women from any country and to any country inspired us to start this blog.

This blog presents the stories of immigration from the woman’s point of view. Most immigration tales relate the reasons why men immigrate and their experiences getting educated, employed and accepted by a new culture in a new country. Our curiosity extended to women’s experiences, whether she was the primary immigrant, a partner or companion, or a child who had no choice in the decision to relocate.

The stories that you read on FEMigration are more than the journey of traveling from one country to the next. They are about growing up in one place and then leaving that home, friends, family and everything else familiar and comfortable. They are stories about resettling in a new culture and environment, probably very different from where you came from. It could be a story about having to get a job when you don’t know the language. Our stories are about people helping others during their immigration journey or about growing up in an immigrant family, perhaps feeling different than your peers. The stories even speak to how we’ve changed our opinions of people, communities and cultures because we’ve gotten to know immigrants and refugees and brought them into our lives.

Share your stories with us. We are interested in hearing stories across all generations and cultures. We welcome contributing writers to tell their personal stories and experiences in their own words. The one rule of our blog is that a woman’s story is the theme of every submission (and it can be told to us by a person of any sexual or gender identity).

For another detailed perspective, please read the post How I Got Here. It will give you more insight on what this blog is all about.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the stories as much as we are enjoying presenting them to you. Please reach out to us with any feedback, comments or suggestions. You can email us at connect@femigration.com.

Sandi Radoja and Joanne Tica

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